Lifeguards are on duty 7 days a week at East Beach 1, West Beach 2 and the pool during specified hours between Memorial Day and Labor Day (generally 11AM-7PM). The pool provides a segment of time each hour for adult-only swimming, as well as a daily adult swim hour ,determined seasonally according to demand. Also offered every summer are two sessions of Red Cross approved swim lessons and the popular pool aerobic exercise class. Weekdays, you'll find you have the beach to yourself more often than not. Weekends, naturally, beaches are a little busier but crowded water space is rarely, if ever, an issue. Swimming at the beaches before and after hours is allowed - for adults- at your own risk. Boaters can and do pull up easily onto sandy beaches or courtesy docks for rest stops. Playgrounds, rest rooms and soda machines are located at all three swimming areas..



West Beach Photographs

West Beach looking North

West Beach looking South

West Beach Fishing and Boat Docks

West Beach Playground

East Beach Photographs

East Beach / Lodge 

East Beach

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Swimming Pool Photographs

Swimming Pool

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